With over 70 #1s across the US and UK, Marc JB and Lee Dagger are legendary remixers/producers BIMBO JONES remixing artists including Lady Gaga, Rhianna, Pink, Ke$ha, Kylie, Kelis, The Killers, Tinchy Stryder, Katy Perry, Alexis Jordan and working with the likes of Sergio Mendes (co-producer on Latin Grammy winning and Grammy nominated album), Cyndi Lauper, Beverley Knight, KC and Leo Sayer.  

Have you been on a dance floor recently or walked past someone listening to dance music, that is very likely to have been music made by the boys! Nominated world's best remixer 6 years in a row, their tunes are in constant rotation around the globe including on their Global Syndicated radio show.


Lee catching up with old friends...... 

after an amazing Labour Day weekend in beautiful #telluride DJing and spending quality time with the family before heading to UK tomorrow to #DJ at the #busfest VW Festival and rock the studio with the one and only Marc JB!

Happy HUMP Wednesday gang!! Here's a little something special, picture yourself even beginning to think about writing an album, 

 then actually doing it, then hooking up the studio, the engineer, the producer, the musicians, the mastering, the artwork, the promotion, the remixes, its all a bit daugthing isn't it but when you do do all of that, and you do have a finished result its pretty special eh? Congratulations Bird you did it girl! Now go buy it gang!! ITS WORTH IT!!https://itunes.apple.com/album/beat/id1126792704?at=1l3voFY&app=itunes

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